Mystical Seeker’s Year: Week 3; Relationship with Deity

The third week of the Mystical Seeker’s year revolves around the relationship between the deity and their followers who walk their path. Though I am still trying to understand the path I walk with my matron, I am doing my best tread the path.

How do you relate to deity?

The unknown, the feared, the misunderstood, I desire to understand it, to walk the path that is shrouded. There are much truths within the dark. It is a cold path, not much tread it, but I never liked following others, the cold brings me alive, the dark is my cloak and I allow it to shroud me. Through this, I can learn much, of the old, of the present, and from that I can help see the future. Hecate is that stern deity, but she is knowledgeable and allows the cycle to continue, the wheel to turn. When one bites, she bites back, but she is caring and wise. I feel her best in the winter. I accept her as my matron, and I know she’ll light the way down the path.

How do you develop and nurture this relationship?

Given my current living situation, I cannot perform or practice much, but what I do is appreciate the winter and walk out when the weather is cold as much as I can. I look up the waning moon and blow a kiss towards it with a smile. Small gestures, but any mother would appreciate the small things. I try to understand what is confusing and study; general knowledge and philosophy, both for my interest and for Hecate’s respect. I call to her name in whispers at times and I ask for her guidance. Keeping her in mind, I believe helps.

Do you personify deity or is it a formless energy or archetype?

I’m not fully sure of this, though I feel Hecate is both a concept of what she stands for and a force in this universe; whether she has consciousness or not, I know not, but my respect for her is the same.

If you personify deity, is it masculine (male) or feminine (female)?

Hecate as been seen as a female in the past and today she is still seen as female. To me, she is feminine and it matters not that I am a male taking on a matron, the gender is little importance to me, though it is still important.

Have you given deity a name or label? If so, what is it?

Hecate has been translated from Greek to the word “Will” or “She who works from afar”. After Rome entered, her name or counterpart became “Trivia”.


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